Whether you are renovating or designing a new kitchen, you will definitely run into the corner cabinet dilemma. Majority of kitchen’s have an L-shaped design that implies there will be one corner (at least). Many older houses do have blind spaces between two cabinets. This way you will be wasting storage space in a room that needs most of the space.

So what can you do to fill up that space and not let it go to waste? Installing beautiful corner cabinetry which makes maximizes the space in the kitchen. REJS Ltd understand this latest trend and offers a large range of corner cabinets design. You can opt for one that best suits your requirements and fit perfectly in the particular corner.

The different types of corner cabinets are:

Magic Corner Cabinet
These German engineering corner cabinets are gaining popularity because they offer an innovative solution for blind corners. REJS provides high quality magic corner cabinets that will allow you to slide open the cabin and reach out for the items you need. For example, you can purchase MAXIMA Classic from REJS.

Lazy Susan
One of the most commonly utilized corner cabinets solution is the lazy Susan. It is a pie shaped cabinet that can be installed below or above the kitchen counter. These cabinets are perfect for canned foods, spices and store boxes. When lazy Susan is installed below the counter top, it can easily stock bulky cooking equipment. You can simply spin the shelf to access all the items.

Rounded Corner Cabinets
If you are looking for contemporary corner cabinets S, then opt for rounded cabinetry. These are an innovative approach to fill the awkward empty spaces in the kitchen. Not only are these stylish but they also soften the space. You can easily swing open the rounded cabinets and maximize the storage space. REJS Ltd offers high quality rounded corner cabinets including half carousel or three quarter carousel designs.

Opt for the right corner storage cabinets for your kitchen from a wide selection offered by REJS Ltd and give your kitchen a unique touch.

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